16. Painting Pink Cyclamens- After the Workshop

Pencil drawing process - ©Heeyoung Kim

Light application of watercolor -©Heeyoung Kim

Layering intenser color- ©Heeyoung Kim
at Brushwood Center, Ryerson Woods

Pink flowers including Cyclamens look so pure and light. And that is the beauty of them. In this workshop, we all were very careful not to add too dark shadow. Another thing we found was the petals were so thin and translucent that they didn't cast shadow on other petals behind or under them, in beautiful natural lighting condition. This was one more good reason not to add too dark shadow!

We also focused on creating fine gradation which should be the most basic technique in botanical watercolor, but not easy to get achieved. We tried it both with wet washes and dry brush technique. 
The result was beautiful! 


  1. Oh how I would love to take a painting workshop from you--maybe at a future conference? I hope so. I enjoyed seeing your lovely, delicate work on the Cyclamen in this post.

  2. Thanks, Janene! I enjoyed this workshop a lot. The color and shadow of pink Cyclamens was just amazing. Such lovely species!

  3. This blog has left its group of onlookers totally entranced.
    Bob Jones

  4. I wanted to attend this workshop but I couldn’t. maybe next time. You are a talented artist. I would be honored to learn from you.


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