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Friday, April 10, 2015

38. Featured in The Chicagolite

photo courtesy of Kori Coleman

For full story, please, click The Chicagolite

The Chicagolite, a luxury lifestyle site, featured my exhibition wonderfully.
The editor, Kori Coleman, interviewed Mr. Joel Oppenheimer and me before the opening reception, and she stayed with us during the whole event to capture the best moments. I am grateful that her story appeared beautifully with outstanding photos.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

37. From Opening Reception at Joel Oppenheimer Gallery

Wow! That was a beautiful and energetic opening reception!

Conservationists, plant scientists, art lovers.... all gathered together to celebrate the humble beauty of our plants. We experienced the moment of connecting nature conservation to the art world.

I want to convey my deepest appreciation to the supporters. Mr. Oppenheimer's speech was especially grateful considering my works on par with those of John James Audubon, Pierre-Joseph Redoute and other classic masters. What can I expect more?

The exhibit runs until May 9, 2015. It is my honor to be exclusively represented as the first living artist by this beautiful and prestigious natural history art gallery.

Window toward Michigan Ave., Chicago downtown : 
with beautiful Chicago cityscape reflection daytime, photo by Heeyoung Kim
 and glowing banner image at night, photo by Mike Tanner 

 Heeyoung Kim: Native Plants of the Woods and Prairies- 25 original paintings, photo by Heeyoung Kim

Opening speech by Mr. Joel Oppenheimer, photo by Mike Tanner

Talking about my artist's philosophy and techniques, photo by Jimin Choi

L) Flowers delivered 
     to a wildflower painter! 
R) My best critic, my son:)
photos by Mike Tanner

My grateful supporter, renowned conservationist, Mr Stephen Packard
Photo by Mike Tanner

L) Photographer and my student,
    Mr. Mike Tanner
R) My longest student,                       Ms. Christine Brigham
  and Ms. Joan Walton
photos by Mike Tanner

                                                 Lots of greetings, photos, wine..... and art!
                                                                 photo by Mike Tanner