Paintings & Stories: 40. Amma: Mother: Happy Mothers' Day!

Amma, the Hugging Saint, watercolor and graphite pencil, ©Heeyoung Kim

'Amma' means Mother. In almost all languages, 'mom, mama, umma, amma, ...... ' are among the first words babies learn. Phonetically, it is the easiest sound to articulate. When babies just open their mouths and let air flow, that is the sound, 'mama, mom, amma,... and so on.

Amma, the Hugging Saint, simply hugs people. Like all mothers do. Everyone feels it differently: some gets great comfort, some feel their anxiety released, some others feel simply loved.......

She comes to Chicago early July. I expect another heavenly hug from her, truly Motherly Hug!

My pray for all mothers!

Print available at my Etsy Shop: click Etsy logo on the right side of this blog.


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