Paintings & Stories: 41. Peony for Symphony on Fathers' Day

Peony, watercolor, ©Heeyoung Kim

Once in a blue moon, I paint something not native in Midwest. This Peony painting was donated for Lake Forest Symphony, Music in the Garden event, in order to raise money for "Bringing classical music to the youth including underprivileged and minority audiences".

Peony symbolizes romance and prosperity. It might be a good gift for wedding and anniversary to someone very special. in our life. 

I have a special spot in my heart for peonies. When I was a little kid, my father grew many many peonies in order to use the roots for medicinal purposes. For ordinary people, seeing flower is the biggest joy in growing plants, but my dad had different purposes. Roots! Yes, Roots! Not flowers! So, what he did at each blooming season totally devastated me; he cut buds! He Snapped All The Buds! Not because he was mean, but because he didn't want any energy wasted through blooming. When I almost burst into tears, he saved some for me. I was the happy girl for the rest of the peony season. 

If you want to win this painting, go to Music in the Garden, Lake Forest Symphony, buy raffle, and put it in the box in front of this custom framed painting:) on Fathers' Day!

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  3. This painting worths a million in my eyes. It has such immense beauty and purity which i fail to see in other paintings. Tour work is commendable and you are a true artist.

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