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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

44. Short Inconvenience with My Blog,

For a week, I had horrific experience with my blog.

To make the long story short, I decided to keep the custom blog address. has been my website for more than 10 years, then, it has been my blog since I made a new website
As it cost quite a lot to keep a few domains, I decided to give it up, and didn't renew it. Then, what happened????   In two days after the expiration date, someone emailed me asking if I am interested in buying that domain which is for sale. Yes, seriously!

Now, I can easily guess the domain with my name can fall into someone's hands and cause confusion or even harm. No way!!!!!  So, I contacted the web hosting company, and figured out I could still renew it. I spent many hours to do that, and finally did it just now!!!!!!

So relieved!

Thank you for your supports!
I appreciate your continuous visits, follows, shares, and comments!

Now, my sites/blogs are:
image bank of my prairie plant documentation:
And facebook and instagram.
Well, there are a lot to do to get connected, as you know :)


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