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53. What's New in 2018

Overview of my year: My botanical art program at Brushwood Center, my exciting new scarf project, teachings at other venues, exhibitions, and my painting projects.

Botanical Art Program at Brushwood Center
My classes at Brushwood Center has been growing steadily, and I scheduled 3 ongoing botanical art classes this year.
Mondays: Intensive workshop, intermediate/advanced level, mostly watercolor. Some students focus on their own projects with various media.
Saturday mornings: Half day workshop, beginning/intermediate level, similar to Monday workshop.
Saturday afternoon: Botanical Art Classes for Beginners: this is new in order to provide basic drawing lessons to who want to join the group. The classes include drawing and watercolor lessons.
Colored pencil classes: April 7 & 14: there are strong demands for colored pencil, so I squeezed in two sessions between drawing classes, they are sold out! There might be continued sessions after this. So, stay tune if you are interested.
For upda…