Paintings & Stories: 12. Simple Color Note

                          Horse Gentian or Wild Coffee, Triosteum perfoliatum,©Heeyoung Kim

I have been totally thrilled for a few weeks to draw this plant. The bright orange berries were beautiful enough to draw my eyes, but its common name appealed more to me, well, frankly, as I am a HEAVY coffee drinker! Midnight coffee was even tastier while I was drawing this.....

When I do pre sketches, I put heavy shadows almost always, unlike common advise. The shadows are the most critical guide for my next paintings or drawings. When I have this much drawing, I can convert it with any kind of medium later. However, color note on top of the heavy graphite is not ideal, of course. So I color only a small part of each segment. Sometimes I just put color right next to the drawing, not within the target space. It is perfectly fine when I have just this much exact colors ahead.  This will be good guide even when the plant color slightly changes or fades. I might finish this in watercolor.  

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