15. Painting Yellow Flowers - After the Workshop

                                                      Workshop attendees working with potted Daffodils



                                                            Painting process, ©Heeyoung Kim
                                                        at Brushwood Center, Ryerson Woods

Yellow flowers are often hated to be painted, maybe because they are too pure to add any shadows. Their brightness intimidated us in the beginning, but we could slowly build up the frilly petals. White paper was carefully saved by painting its negative spaces. Using lots of layering of Aureolin and just a bit of shadow color, we could keep the Daffodils very bright.

 We were all just amazed by the varieties of yellow hues created by just one kind of yellow tube. That is the beauty of transparent watercolor.

It was fun and informative to see buds open and show off the most gorgeous color and fragrance, and finally create even more intense color when they die. Is there any part of nature not beautiful?

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