Paintings & Stories: 7. Best in Show Award, 15th International HSNY/ASBA 2012

                                                     Heeyoung and her Compass Plant.
                                                          Best in Show Award, 2012
                                      watercolor painting at Horticultural Society of New York

Compass Plant, Silphium laciniatum in watercolor and graphite pencil, ©Heeyoung Kim

Compass Plant is one of the iconic prairie plants. It shows off its tall and robust structure with abundant and complicated leaves, and beautiful yellow flowers along the stem. In early stage the young plant is very hairy and its complexity is just amazing. So I used the haunting graphite drawing as background of the color part. It took very long from detailed drawing to watercolor painting with all those leaves and hairy stems, bracts and "Yellow" flowers. You know, yellow color is another challenging topic......

However, all the efforts and time I put in this piece was well paid off with this very honorable award. 

For more story about this painting, go to the ASBA website:

Giclee prints are available.   

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