8. Science of Watercolor Brushstrokes- watercolor demo at Morton Arboretum

                        Heeyoung showing watercolor technique, Oct.4 2012 at Morton Arboretum
Photo by Eileen Labarre

-Science of Watercolor Brush Strokes-

Painting watercolor botanicals on hot-pressed watercolor paper is quite different from other types of watercolor paintings. It requires extreme control over the amount of water and brush strokes. It is all about the interacting process of water, paint, and paper, which can be explained scientifically, but in a very simple way.

Brushes – Why Sable or Synthetic? – Comparison of hair surface
                Why does that affect painting?
                Which brush works for you?
Brushstrokes - Speed, time, size, angle….- All Matter, Critically!
Capillary Action and Paint Lift-off
              “Capillary Action Effect can be seen in the drawing up of liquids
                          between the hairs of a paint-brush” 

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