Paintings & Stories: 1. You think you are done! Well, too early?

 Study of Ohio Spiderwort - C Heeyoung Kim 2012

"Start From Finish" is my experimental watercolor botanical workshop at Chicago Botanic Garden. My idea started from the fact that students can hardly have a chance to see somebody doing final touch. The result: most students think they are done, too early.

Students brought in their 'finished painting'(?) to the workshop and tried to improve them. However, the hardest part was critique. We did open critique, but I could see some were not quite open to it. I could gradually convince everyone to see the room to be improved in their paintings. Every week all of us get happier and happier seeing the possibility that we actually can improve our works.

The image above is a sample painting of mine. I showed how I could make the middle part of the flower darker and make the details of pistil and stamens pop out. Compare the two front petals and the back one, please. Not finished yet, of course...........

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