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33. My painting process in The Botanical Artist, journal of American Society of Botanical Artist.

While getting ready for my composition workshop at Ryerson Woods, I found this article that I wrote for the American Society of Botanical Artists' journal a few years ago. I tried to explain how I plan my painting through the growing seasons of the specimens. It could look a little odd when I draw these composition lines first, as most people believe botanical artists would draw or paint plants exactly as they appear. However, we also could enjoy freedom as much as we know about our specimens.                                 Composition Study 1: Drawing main lines ©Heeyoung Kim                                                              Composition Study 2: Flower locations carefully designed                                 with various design elements in mind ©Heeyoung Kim                Finished painting Ohio Spiderwort, Tradescantia ohiensis, ©Heeyoung Kim For full article,'s-full-life-cycle