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48. My 2nd Annual Botanical Art Student Show at Brushwood Center!

My students and I are so excited to announce our 2nd Annual Botanical Art Exhibit! Opening Reception: Jan 8, 1 pm - 3 pm, 2017 Find more details in the second photo below! We are some serious bunch who love nature and art, and learning botanical art together for years . In 2012 I was drawn to this beautiful historical house, Brushwood Center at Ryerson Conservation Area. The large room with windows on three sides, surrounded by huge trees, looked like a dream teaching place for me. "Oh, I wish I could have a room like this for teaching." I almost talked to myself. "Why not?" Former executive director of Brushwood Center said to me. Yes, she did! That is how my art program started. We both, Brushwood Center and me, have passion in nature, art and conservation, and connecting art to the community. We often work together to lead kids to the woods, help them draw what they see. Sometimes high school students come and experience a little different art class in the

47. Botanical Art Classes in 2017

Drawing and watercolor painting classes for every level! All day every Monday: 10 am - 4 pm Half day every Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm For detailed dates and topics, check out  my website                                       Rattlesnake Master, graphite pencil, ©Heeyoung Kim                                              Roses, Watercolor, ©Heeyoung Kim 2017 My Saturday classes are designed to provide basic drawing and watercolor skill to beginning and Intermediate level students. However, there is no actual limitation due to the unique class environment and the instructor's personal coach. On Mondays, we work seriously! I am so proud and happy to have so many talented students! We experience something magical everyday!

46. Big Achievements by my students: Congratulations!

Botanical painting class at Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods I am overjoyed with what my students are doing at Brushwood Center, and like to share.  At a beautiful historical house, Brushwood Center, located inside of Edwards Ryerson Conservation Center, I manage my botanical art program. I design the classes to fit best to individual students' need and level by providing instructions with topics, or open workshops, Mondays and Saturdays, almost every week. I am happy to boast about the results :) I am humbled and honored to call them my 'students', because they are too good! :) We all enjoy the creative process greatly regardless of the results, of course! However, I would like to share a few big achievements we have made.  For Filoli Botanical Art Juried Exhibition, Barbara Rose (this year) and Susie Williams (last year)  On the cover of American Society of Botanical Artists' Journal, Claudia Lane's drawing featured  (this year) For Hunt In

45. Ink Drawing Workshop in Classic Style

Intriguing Ink? Yes, indeed! I needed to show a big image of this drawing to show how much details we can depict in the small milkweed seedpods.   We can show all different shades of black with just a small bottle of black ink and a couple of tiny crow quill pen nibs. I am offering a workshop at Brushwood Center Ryerson Woods, Deerfield. Two Mondays, Oct 3 & 10, from 10 am - 4 pm. If you are interested, contact me through my website.

44. Short Inconvenience with My Blog,

For a week, I had horrific experience with my blog. To make the long story short, I decided to keep the custom blog address. has been my website for more than 10 years, then, it has been my blog since I made a new website As it cost quite a lot to keep a few domains, I decided to give it up, and didn't renew it. Then, what happened????   In two days after the expiration date, someone emailed me asking if I am interested in buying that domain which is for sale. Yes, seriously! Now, I can easily guess the domain with my name can fall into someone's hands and cause confusion or even harm. No way!!!!!  So, I contacted the web hosting company, and figured out I could still renew it. I spent many hours to do that, and finally did it just now!!!!!! So relieved! Thank you for your supports! I appreciate your continuous visits, follows, shares, and comments! Now, my sites/blogs are: website: blog: www.heeyoungk

43. My tip for QUICK and EASY watermark on your artworks

New Year! New endeavor to get more web presence with our art! However, we are always concerned about image stealing. In fact, we hear those news often and we are heart broken. Bottom line is "You Must Put Your Name On Your Art!" No skill for photoshop? No software? No time?  I would like to share my tip for fellow artists. 1. Develop simple logo or just write your name. 2. Cut it in small size, and keep it inside your smart phone cover or camera case, or just keep it handy. 3. Place it wherever you like when you take picture. Done! It's very easy to take photos of drawing process and post them in social media. Examples from my photos.