46. Big Achievements by my students: Congratulations!

Botanical painting class at Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods

I am overjoyed with what my students are doing at Brushwood Center, and like to share. 

At a beautiful historical house, Brushwood Center, located inside of Edwards Ryerson Conservation Center, I manage my botanical art program. I design the classes to fit best to individual students' need and level by providing instructions with topics, or open workshops, Mondays and Saturdays, almost every week. I am happy to boast about the results :) I am humbled and honored to call them my 'students', because they are too good! :)

We all enjoy the creative process greatly regardless of the results, of course! However, I would like to share a few big achievements we have made. 

For Filoli Botanical Art Juried Exhibition, Barbara Rose (this year) and Susie Williams (last year) 
On the cover of American Society of Botanical Artists' Journal, Claudia Lane's drawing featured  (this year)
For Hunt Institute of Botanical Documentation at Carnegie Mellon University, Dolores Diaz accepted (this year)
For New York Horticultural Society and ASBA Annual International Botanical Art Exhibition, Ramiro Prudencio and Heeyoung Kim accepeted (this year). 
All these four venues are very prestigious botanical art exhibition places in the world.  

Congratulations on the featured artists, and thank you all for your encouragements in the class. 
I appreciate your support and participation. 

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