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57. 4th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition: Enriching Life at Brushwood- Heeyoung Kim & Brushwood Botanical Artists

"It's getting better every year!"  Well, that is what I have been trying :). It has been delightful and grateful to study botanical art with 25 talented and aspiring botanical artists in 2018. I 'teach' them, but I also 'learn' from them. So, my students and I study togehter, and we have been building up the whole community around Brushwood Center. Each year, I see more and more people show interest in botanical art, and willing to learn more about it.  How did I design the invitation card?  As you see, the invitation card shows it all. There were too many excellent works, which caused me a serious problem in choosing one to feature on the card. So, I came up with an idea to feature everyone's work on a jumbo size folded card! So, everyone is featured! It is the best invitation card I have ever made :)))    Not only the card, but the quality of all works exhibited is quite impressive, too. I am so proud of everyone who worked very hard