57. 4th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition: Enriching Life at Brushwood- Heeyoung Kim & Brushwood Botanical Artists

"It's getting better every year!" 

Well, that is what I have been trying :). It has been delightful and grateful to study botanical art with 25 talented and aspiring botanical artists in 2018. I 'teach' them, but I also 'learn' from them. So, my students and I study togehter, and we have been building up the whole community around Brushwood Center. Each year, I see more and more people show interest in botanical art, and willing to learn more about it. 

How did I design the invitation card? 

As you see, the invitation card shows it all. There were too many excellent works, which caused me a serious problem in choosing one to feature on the card. So, I came up with an idea to feature everyone's work on a jumbo size folded card! So, everyone is featured! It is the best invitation card I have ever made :)))   

Not only the card, but the quality of all works exhibited is quite impressive, too. I am so proud of everyone who worked very hard to make this happen again this year, especially my students' families and friends, and the Brushwood Center's executive director and staffs. They have been the most supportive people ever! I am utterly grateful for that. 

25 participating artists! 

Congrtatulations to you all!

Christine Cheney, Dolores Diaz, Joann Dinneen, Peg Gabala, Sandy Kessel, Catherine Kenyon, Claudia Lane, Meredith Lincoln, Jean Meilinger, Eileen Miller, Monica Munaretto, Pamela Najarian, Ramiro Prudencio, Patricia Robillard,  Barbara Rose, Carole Schumacher, Jane Sturgeon, Mary Voegeli, Kathy Walsh, Mary Janet Wellensiek, Susie Williams, Judy Woznyj, Grace Yoo, Deborah Zimmerman, Diane Jaffe and Heeyoung Kim

Opening Reception

Ok, winter is harsh here in Chicago area. November 4 is not safe from sudden icy rain or heavy snow. Alas, it was cold and rainy, despite of my prayer! However, when we were ready with food set up and live music by fantastic acoustic guitarist, Rick Frank, started, the large forest preserve parking lot was getting fuller! Whew!!!! One thousand cards were printed and displayed at Brushwood Center a month ahead, each students spreaded about 20 cards, hundreds mailed, and more email blasts by me and Brushwood Center...
All the efforts were well paid off. We were blessed with joy and excitement by artists, families, friends, and just anyone who admired the artworks. Later, many said to me that the extra pretty invitation card inspired them to come and see the artworks in person. Lesson: high quality invitation cards are critical to impress potential audience. So, I don't mind spending some more to get the best quality I can get ,but the cost was too much this time. Thankfully, when I explained it to my students, each chipped in generously. So, it all worked out.

Smart strategy to reach out to more people ;)

It is not easy to draw people to the show constantly after the opening reception. So, on the next Sunday, Nov 11, I planned an extra demonstration about keeping a botanical sketchbook aiming to attract some new people who wanted to taste a little bit of botanical art. With this demo, I tried to show some general ideas about keeping botanical sketchbook through presentation, rather than being too professional or specific. I also showed what I have been doing with my native plant documentation project, which was very well received.

Also, on Saturday, Nov 8, our beautiful botancal art exhibit was used as backdrop for Brushwood Center Doner Appreciation Reception featuring performance by a violinist, Dr. Natanel Draiblate. Perfectly, it drew lots of viewers. 

On December 8 & 9, one more event is scheduled along with the exhibit: Brushwood Holiday Art Market. This will draw a lot of extra local viewers to the show. And I will have a pop up demo corner during the art market. It is the perfect opportunity to promote my botanical art program and botanical art in general. I am planning to be there for both days with my brochures ready :) If you are local, please, stop by. You might find perfect holiday gifts made by many local artists and artisans, including our botanical prints, and others, oh, of course, the originals on the wall :) 

So, the 4th Annual exhibit, Enriching Life at Brushwood Center: Heeyoung Kim & Brushwood Botanical Artists has been strategically staged with extra events to introduce botanical art to broader audience. I am already excited about the 5th one :))
(The video about the 4th Annual will be posted soon.)

Back of the invitation card listing extra events and info

Some photos from the opening reception (Video will be ready soon!)

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