59. Various Media I Use for Teaching and Creating Botanical Art

New season starts in Januray, 2019! From beginner’s drawing course to advanced watercolor classes, I teach botanical art in various media and subjects. 
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Watercolor, graphite pencil, pen-and-ink with crow quill pen... sometimes colored pencil, watercolor pencil. It's hard to say I prefer one to others, instead, I choose the medium that will be most efficent to the subject I choose. 

In 2019, I add a few visiting artist or botanist workshops, too, when I believe the specialties they offer benefit students in my program. 

I have planned several away workshops such as  at Brookside Garden, Lewis Ginter Garden, Evanston Art Center, Minnesota School of Botanical Art, Morton Arboretum, and with Florida Botanical Artists Society. I am seeing growing interest in botanical art classes generally, and maybe me as an artitst and instructor. Currently I am planning workshops for 2020. 

Soon, I will have a mini solo exhibit with my paintings of orchids. Orchids have always been one of my favorites. So, in addition to my native plants of prairies and woods, I have been painting orchid species, too. The exhibition date has not beed set, yet, but it will be soon at Joel Oppenheimer Gallery, Chicago. I will post the dates as soon as I know. There are still a few that need finising touches before the show. 

If interested in my paintings, or classes I teach through my botanical art program at Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods, Riverwoods, IL, Check ou my website www.heeyoungkim.net. 

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