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63. New Classes in 2020 - Heeyoung Kim Botanical Art Academy

   Preparing for New Year is always exciting! This time, it is especially meaningful with a few milestone achievements in my botanical art program at Brushwood Center. The 5th: Enriching Life has become a popular community event since its first opening in 2015. Our  artworks give warmth to the winter world with undeniable beauty of flowers and plants. To celebrate its succeessful 5th exhibit, we produced accompanying catalogs featuring two of each participating artists. The catalog was a meaningful gift to the artists and their supporting family and friends. The botanical art program, founded by me in 2012, has been growing steadily and now it is in full swing with three days of classes per week handling watercolor, graphite pencil, and ink (occasionally colored pencil, too) for students at all levels. With encouragement and recommendation by the Executive Director of Brushwood Center, I decided to formalize it as "Heeyoung Kim Botanical Art Academy".   From m