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64. Going Online: My Classes via Zoom Meeting During COVID-19 Pandemic

When we meet sudden obstacles, we find a way to resolve them. My classes were always face-to-face lessons with lots of demonstrations, and I thought online lessons would be less effective. Due to the total lock down of all gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, I decided to direct my classes to online platform from April. For three weeks, I have added/changed/evaluated the class contents in order to make them more effective in the new platform. The result? Surprisingly satisfactory! The best part of my Zoom class is the clarity and verstility of the presentations/slides. I used to use a projector on big sceen or plasma TV screen which are still not very sharp in comparison to computer monitors. Now, directly on each participant's computer screen, they can see all images upclose in details along with my explanations, zoomed in and out. It is fantastic and my students love it!  Now, there is one less nicer side: students miss my demonstrations. To make up this ver