65. New in July: Zoom Special: Botanical Watercolor Troubleshooting

Watercolor demo for a series of Zoom class, grapes, ©Heeyoung Kim 2020
Painting is a meditative activity to me. I immerse myself into the whole painting process and become one with my tools. Since I teach, however, I force myself to be awaken to sort out which parts need to be noticed to point out to my students in the class. That has lead me to have a list of certain painting techniques that are commonly troublesome to my students.

With the current pandemic situation, all my local classes are converted to online instruction and we feel grateful to continue our weekly botanical art classes without interruption. I even start the class 20 minutes earlier to have some fun chat time to secure full 'art time'. We miss the in-person classes, of course, but the virtual connection with our painting buddies has been blessing amid the isolation time. On top of that, thanks goodness, my students find the instructions presented on their personal computer screens are clear, and much more effective than they expected. Now, they are asking to continue the Zoom class even when we are allowed to get together safely.

Before the class starts, in my studio
With this positive feedback from all my classes, drawing and watercolor, local and national, I am very happy to add another Zoom Special Series: Watercolor Troubleshooting. I chose the topics that I find my students struggle most while they learn botanical watercolor. The first one will start with Fixing Mistakes. As we all know, certain mistakes occur repeatedly. In this class, I would like to show how to deal with them, along with how to avoid them.
An example of leaf painting using various techniques. ©Heeyoung Kim 2020

This Watercolor Troubleshooting series will continue with some more topics, but here are the first 3 sessions in July. Registration is open now at www.heeyoungkim.net
Series 1: Fixing Mistakes. July 3, 10 am - 1 pm (CT, Chicago, IL. USA). The class contents: essential techniqes to fix common mistakes including lifting technique. Fee: $50.
Series 2: Maintaining 3 Dimensionality. July 17, 10 am - 1 pm (CT, Chicago, IL. USA). Fee: $50.
Series 3: How to Translate Colors into Value. July 31, 10 am - 1 pm (CT, Chicago, IL. USA). Fee: $50.
Suitble for all levels, but absolute beginners are recommended to take beginner’s course, first.
To take Zoom classes, students need to have good internet access and download and learn how to use Zoom app.

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