66. New Watercolor Classes for Beginning and Intermediate Level in the Fall 2020


Now, it is easy for new comers to join my classes. 

Before the covid, all students in my botanical art program were local and continuously studying with me for a long period of time. We communicated with each other in person and there was no need for me to list the detailed class plans on my website. Now, that's changing. More and more people from different states and countries (despite of the time difference) have joined lately. So, I made the class format a series or a project so that people can join the topics they like.  To read about them directly, please visit my website,  www.heeyoungkim.net

 Two upcoming classes in Beginning and Intermediated Level

Beginning Level Watercolor, Saturdays

Series 4: Painting Black-eyed Susan (Sep. 5, 12, 19 & 26, 10 am - 1 pm, CT, USA) 

Series 5: Painting Milkweed Seedpods (Oct 10, 24, 31 & Nov. 7, 10 am - 1 pm, CT, USA)

Intermediate Level Watercolor, Tuesdays

Fall Project 1: Yellow Composite Flowers from the Prairie (Sep. 8, 15, 22 & 29, 10 am - 1 pm, CT, USA)

Fall Project 2: Asters and Autumnal Structures (Oct 6, 20, 27 & Nov. 3, 10 am - 1 pm, CT, USA)

For detailed information about the class contents, please, visit www.heeyoungkim.net/class

How the classes work:

For all of these classes, I prepare detailed pdf and video demos that individuals can experience the learning process in a very personal level. And students get access to the videos later on my website to rewatch and practice. This method has been proven very effective and all my current students love it. They have noticeably improved the way they paint and draw during just a couple of months. The students get feedback on the works in progress during the class, too.


Details of Paph. venustum, watercolor, ©Heeyoung Kim 2020

 Are you looking for assistance to take on your own projects? 

Several of my students are in an advanced or high intermediate level and they are working on their own projects. My Monday Open Workshop fits well for their needs to work on their subjects and learn new techniques and tips as well. Students receive my feedback and recommendation along with the progress and I share the progress of my projects as well to give them more learning opportunities. 

Two open workshop scheduled in the fall. 

Fall Open Workshop 1: Sep 7, 14, 21 & 28 (10 am - 1 pm, CT, USA)

Fall Open Workshop 2; Oct. 5, 19, 26 & Nov. 2 (10 am - 1 pm, CT, USA)

  Troubleshooting Series
In this series you might learn something new or a solution for something you have always found difficult. I have been painting and teaching extensively and collecting data about what kinds of techniques or topics are challenging to most students. Here I found a good way to teach them via Zoom Meeting. Every other Friday, I introduce some very useful tips and techniques to solve issues in botanical drawing and painting. 

Series 5 (How to Deal with patterns) is coming up on September 28, and the list of topics is growing. I accept students' recommendations, too, as the next topic. This has been my first try with this kind of teaching style, but it quickly became one of my favorite. Check it out on my website for details. 

  Wildflowers/Native Plants  as my painting subjects
Known as a wildflower painter, I am passionate in encouraging my students to use naive plants or a group of plants they know very well such as plants from their own backyard or local eco-system. Through my online classes, I use wildflowers if possible. Students have opportunities to deepen their understanding about the botanical features of the plants, too. 

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