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67. What is the best way to deal with a complicated subject?

Study the plant scientifically!  There should be more than one answer to this question, but my own experience convinces me that understanding the plant structures scientifically is the most important beginning of any   botanical art and illustration.  Just improving drawing/painting techniques will only be the partial solution. It is like trying to get out of the woods without a map.  Once you study and understand the botanical structures of a plant, you can interpret its complicated forms into an artistic image with botanical accuracy. Without identifiable key factors of the plant described, the artwork will fall in to a different category, such as floral fine art painting or decorative botanical art. They are certainly beautiful artworks, but they lack scientific/botanical information which is the essential part of scientifically accurate botanical artworks. What to look for to understand the plant scientifically?   Well, there may be many ways to do it, but I use my  strong visual s