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71. 7th Annual Enriching Life

Botanical Art Exhibition, Heeyoung Kim & Brushwood Botanical Artists Here we are! The 7th, already! Botanical Art Exhibition: Heeyoung Kim & Brushwood Botanical Artists 2021 was a remarkable year in many ways. Getting to the final phase of the Covid pandemic (hopefully), we have been cultivating various life styles that suit to our routines as artists fairly successfully. Teaching and learning have been well adapted to the changes, so much so some of us don't even want to go back to physically crowded in-person classes any more.  Surely there are irreplaceable merits in in-person teaching environments, but the merits of remote ones are also too attractive to give up, which gave me no choice but to embrace both.   The annual exhibit is also presented both physically and virtually this year. The Brushwood Center website, features 20 participating artists, and its gallery showcases selected artists' works. Former students of Heeyoung Kim were invit