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74. What's Happening.... Newsletter

  Thank You for Your Subscription! Through my website,, I recently set up SUBSCRIPTION, because I have often received emails from those who found out about my classes only after they started. To prevent that from happening in the future, I decided to take proactive actions to inform about the classes in time, which I had not been very good at by far. My apologies to those who had experiences disappoints....  I would like to share the Newsletter I sent to the subscribers with the readers in this blog. If you like to receive Newsletters directly in the future, please, Subscribe Here ! Feeling privileged to send you my first newsletter, I would like to share these precious Hepatica acutiloba paintings with you (Sharp-lobed Hepatica, spring woodland plant, watercolor). I used masking fluid to get the fine hairs and the center of the flowers. This shy and fuzzy plant is the harbinger of spring. Enjoy it!  Hepatica acutiloba, watercolor, ©Heeyoung Kim 2023 Current and Upc