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Thank You for Your Subscription!

Through my website, www.heeyoungkim.net, I recently set up SUBSCRIPTION, because I have often received emails from those who found out about my classes only after they started. To prevent that from happening in the future, I decided to take proactive actions to inform about the classes in time, which I had not been very good at by far. My apologies to those who had experiences disappoints.... 

I would like to share the Newsletter I sent to the subscribers with the readers in this blog. If you like to receive Newsletters directly in the future, please, Subscribe Here!

Feeling privileged to send you my first newsletter, I would like to share these precious Hepatica acutiloba paintings with you (Sharp-lobed Hepatica, spring woodland plant, watercolor). I used masking fluid to get the fine hairs and the center of the flowers. This shy and fuzzy plant is the harbinger of spring. Enjoy it! 

Hepatica acutiloba, watercolor, ©Heeyoung Kim 2023

Current and Upcoming Zoom Classes

Watercolor for Beginners: After Course 1 (the very basic watercolor techniques), soon starts Course 2: Furthering Painting Experiences with Flowers (Feb 25, Mar 4 & 11). The focus will be on the center structure, light-colored petals, and form building with a dark red flower. That is a lot for 3 classes, but students will get intensive practices through my demonstrations. Course 3 (Apr 15, 22 & 29) will be focused on green leaf painting. If interested in the greens, sign up early! 

Intermediate Watercolor: Currently we are enjoying Pine branches and Chickadees, of course, with a few cones. Are we afraid of those fine needles in watercolor? Yes, but good control over water and brush in coordination with kinetic motions will make it possible. Is it possible to create shadows and curves on the needles? Oh, yes! We just need some practice. Next workshop is Roots and Sprouts, April 1, 8, 15 & 22. Read more, Click the link.

Advanced Watercolor: We handle broad topics focused on wildflowers, trees, bees, butterflies and birds. If you want to learn about painting native plants in the habitats with associated fauna, this course is for you. Students study indigenous flora and fauna wherever they live and paint them along with the instruction. My demo pieces are usually very complex and large, but students choose the complexity and size of the paintings to fit in their needs and skill levels. To see examples of my works from last year, click the link. Next topic is Skunk Cabbage: A Weird and Fancy Plant (Mar 7, 14, 21 & Apr 4). I will combine watercolor and graphite pencil, which is my favorite combination. If interested in this one of a kind workshop, contact me!

Hepatica acutiloba, watercolor, ©Heeyoung Kim 2023

Do You Miss In-person Classes?

Monday open workshop is back to Brushwood Center. In this unique setting students work on their own independent projects and I assist them with recommendations, corrections and painting/drawing techniques when needed. At the moment class size is limited, because we use a smaller room while the kitchen renovation is going on. So, only one spot is open now! If you are local and want to join this group, contact me!

Hepatica acutiloba, watercolor, ©Heeyoung Kim 2023

8th Annual Going Strong

Thanks to all your support, our annual exhibit has been receiving wonderful responses! A huge turnout at the opening reception proved the popularity of botanical and natural history art in this modern era. On February 8th, we hosted an Artist Walkthrough and Demonstration with a curious crowd who genuinely enjoyed our work process with graphite, ink and watercolor. Thank you for sharing your talent, Jane Sturgeon, Jean Meilinger, Joann Dineen and Judy Woznyj! 

The exhibit will end on Monday, February 27th. If you haven’t seen it yet, visit Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods before it ends. Check the opening hours before your visit at Brushwood’s website. You can view the exhibit virtually, at www.brushwoodcenter.org

Botanical Art by Heeyoung Kim


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