75. Newsletter #3 - May 2023


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New Class Schedule for Spring/Summer

Greetings to you all! Thank you for allowing me to share my 3rd news letter with you! It’s been busy with teaching and lots of paintings, but I am thrilled with the new classes planned through the summer. Here they are!

#1. Beginner’s Courses are backVia Zoom and In-Person

  • Drawing Fundamentals and Watercolor for Beginners, June 17 ~

  • When you are local (Deerfield, IL or in the drivable distance), check out this series as in-person classes at Brushwood Center.

  • I usually offer these courses once a year, but I couldn’t ignore many requests I’ve received.☺️ So, here they are! Check them out Here

#2. Watercolor for Intermediate Level: Blue Flowers and Dragonflies

  • I renamed the Intermediate group as “Eco-Botanicals”, as you may know why…. ☺️. Chickadees with the pine tree, and now dragonfly….. 

  • Blues will be pretty common in many areas around this time. Find some in your yard, if you are interested in this project 

  • Starting June 3. Find more details Here

#3. New Project for Advanced Watercolor - Tuesday Zoom

  • Nature’s Bird Feeder, June 13 ~ Can you guess what I will paint? ☺️

  • This group has been remarkable and we’ve gotten serious about our ecological study through botanical art. Here is the new topic for the summer! 

#Note about my website and images in this news letter

  • My website has a slight makeover. I reorganized all the classes in “CLASS LISTING” to show all in one page. I think it is more convenient in that way. Just scroll down to find what you like to check. 

The images in this news letter are my demo paintings for the recent classes. I can’t show my students’ works, but they were all amazing!

Mother’s Day Art Market

At Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods

To get words out about my art, I participate in this art market annually. It is a wonderful way to connect local people who will come back to see the exhibit with my works and my students’ eventually. If you are local, check it out! 

  • Saturday and Sunday, May 13, 14. 

  • You can order online and pick up.

  • Brushwood Center: 21850 N Riverwoods Road, Riverwoods, Il

                   website for more info: www.brushwoodcenter.org

Heads up for ASBA Conference

See you at Mobil, Alabama in October!

Are you a member of the American Society of Botanical Artist? If you are coming to the annual conference, let’s say hi to ‘us’! ☺️

  • I will teach two classes.

  • Composition for a full day, and drawing for a half day focusing on getting the curves correct. 

If you are planning to sign up, watch for the registration day from ASBA. 

What’s on the Easel

Well, I can’t reveal the whole thing, yet 😉, but this monster has been taking up all my time! It is a large piece, 48” wide x 30” high with many prairie plants. It is one of the most challenging painting by far, but I love working on it, because it is ‘my thing’; all the native prairie plants! Once this is finished, I will share more about it with you. 

I hope you are well, and get inspired by this wonderful time of the year.

Respectfully, Heeyoung. May 10, 2023

All rights reserved by Heeyoung Kim 2023

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